• ARE MY MEALS SAFE - this is the most important question with any package of meals being shipped across country.  The first thing to check is the TEMPERATURE of the meals inside the box.  Your meals need to be below 40 degrees when they arrive to you - we prefer the meals to be frozen.  If your meals are above the 40 degree mark (thermostat inside box) then PLEASE discard the meals, and contact us to work out a replacement set.  We would prefer you to go with the box temperature, instead of the individual meal temperature - because it's always better to be safe than sorry.  This is a very rare instance that meals may show up at unsafe temperatures, but can be caused by delays in FedEx shipments, or damages to the box during shipment.  
  • Does it automatically setup an account? When you place an order the website will automatically create a SUBSCRIPTION this is not the same thing as an ACCOUNT.  Setting up an account gives you the access to control or update your information from your end without having to reach out to us.  You will want to use the same email you provided on your order when setting up an account - and our software will connect the account & active subscription automatically.  
  • When will my meals be delivered?
    Delivery dates depend on the area. Because of changes with FedEx Ground & Home routes the Saturday delivery is usually unavailable.  Most people can expect to get their shipments between Tuesday:Thursday {the following week on initial orders.}  The meals are packed in refrigerator packaging - so no need to rush home, they should be fine until you get there. :)
  • How long are my meals good for?
    We recommend eating the meals within 10 days of delivery. If you aren’t able to eat them in that time, the meals will hold upwards of a month in the freezer.  Please allow frozen meals about 1 day in the refrigerator before microwaving to eat – frozen meals won’t reheat evenly.
  • When do I pick my meals?
    We ask that you have your meal selections input by no later than Wednesday at 4:00pm.
  • What if I forget to pick my meals?
    If you don’t select meals on your subscription; it will automatically send you the same meals you had the week before. NOTE: if we have a menu change – you will receive the REPLACEMENT meal for the selection.
  • What does frequency mean?
    We offer different frequencies for people who don’t necessarily want 10 meals a week. This is a good alternative to having to suspend your account every other week.  You will receive 2 shipments a month, simply store half of the meals in the freezer, until it is time for them to be eaten.
  • Can I make changes to my plan?
    You can update billing information, address changes, update your meal selections and skip weeks; all from your account management page. Please note: you may not have an account profile setup just because you have a subscription placed.  Creating the account isn’t an obligation, so if you try to make changes and can’t find your profile – don’t panic – simply create a new profile, and it will automatically tie to your existing subscription. Have any problems? Let us know!
  • Recurring Subscription – am I locked in?
    Absolutely not! We setup all of our plans to be on a subscription basis, but you can cancel anytime! We don’t have any exit fee’s or obligated durations.  If you just wanted to try us out for a week – you can simply go in once you’ve placed your order, and cancel your subscription from the account management screen – or – shoot us an email at info@geomeals.com – and we can do it for you!
  • NOTE: Once an order is submitted – we are not able to cancel or refund that order.  Because we are a scratch kitchen, the meals are prepared as the orders are placed.  This is why it is very important to make sure any subscription changes are done before Thursday at noon.
  • Can I deliver to my work? The official answer is No. We strongly recommend only using Home addresses for deliveries, we’ve seen in certain areas the Delivery drivers are very good at working with business management (especially if the company uses shipping services.) but we can only assure deliveries with our Home service on residential addresses.
  • Am I guaranteed my meals?
    You are absolutely guaranteed to get the number of meals you ordered! There are some very rare instances, when we are unable to fulfill certain requests. Vendor availability can limit things sometimes, if you ever receive a meal you didn’t order, or are shorted a meal you requested – please contact us so we can work with you to come up with a solution.